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Hladik Signature Bikes - European handmade mountain bikes
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Hladik Signature Bikes - European handmade mountain bikeseuropean handbuilt dual suspension mountain bike spacerHladik Signature Bikes - European handmade mountain bikes

european hand made mountain bike spacer
european hand made mountain bike spacer
european hand made mountain bike spacer
Check out the detailed pics of the HSB Rhythm and components...

european hand made mountain bike spacer
The German made and designed Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 rear transmission gear hub was chosen for the HSB Rhythm RDF mountain bike as our bike frame is designed to only accept this great hub and shifting system. The advantages of the Rohloff Speedhub are numerous. Last, this colour co-ordinated part nicely compliments the black DT Swiss front hub and gives the HSB Rhythm a clean, matching, professional and "finished" look.
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I (DH Dave) have identified over 12 key advantages that the Speedhub has over conventional derailleur systems.
They are:

  • With 14 gears, the Rohloff completely replaces a typical 24 or 27 speed derailleur drivetrain yet still offers the same range of gears! This is due in part to the overlap between many gear combinations on a derailleur system.
  • Gear increments are much more finely tuned and equal so there is not such a wide "gap" between many of the gears.
  • Shift without pedalling. For my freeriding/ downhill racing this is a key point. Often, after pounding down a fast chute I will come upon a rise or technical drop or technical slow section. Now, I can stay on the power right to the last second, get hard on the brakes and gear down in an instant to hit the slower section. Before, I would have to start changing gears 50 feet ahead of the obstacle.
  • Stronger wheel build. With a taller flange and wider body, there is less dish and shorter spokes may be used, creating a stronger wheelbuild. The load is evenly distributed at 700N (newton meters) on each side of the Rohloff built wheel. Conventional wheelbuilds on cassette/ derailleur systems have loads of 600N on the non drive side and 1105N or more on the drive side.This severely unbalanced loading on conventional derailleur compatible conventional wheels leads to spoke fatigue and can even cause rim damage.
  • Direct chain line. Now, you can perfectly align the front chain ring with the single rear cog. This reduces drag.
  • No need to worry about bent derailleur drop-outs, as the derailleur alignment is no longer essential to shifting.
  • Reliable shifting as a result of the above point. No more missed shifts from mud or sticks in the derailleur or from a bent derailleur. This was one of the key points that drove me to convert to the Rohloff system. I suffered two crashes years ago from a downhill run where rocks must have flipped up and bent my derailleur. Then, halfway down a descent I came upon slow, technical wheelie drops. On both occasions, I went to shift down to wheelie the 6 foot and 8 foot stunts and the shift was missed due to a bent derailleur drop-out (that I was unaware of) which caused me to endo. The Rohloff solves this problem.
  • Simplified shifting. With one machined and ultra durable shifter handling all 14 gears, no longer is there any confusion for novice riders who often cannot figure out which lever woks what gear and how to use them.
  • Reduced maintenance. With fewer exposed parts, there are fewer chain rings to clean.
  • Durability. It is estimated that because of 100% accurate chainline alignment and no cross-stresses on the chain line, combined with fewer parts hanging down to get damaged, the Rohloff system should outlast at least 2 complete conventional drive systems. I estimate that number to be closer to 3 or 4.
  • For my custom bikes, having one shifter freed up now allows me to run a remote shock compression damper from my left side shifter on my downhill bike, and on the HSB Rhythm it allows the Joplin joy-stick seat post adjuster to be placed without interference from a shifter. As I am a twist-shift rider, I now have my old twist shift running the damper on my rear shock (on my downhill bike). This is important for cross-country racers as well as serious downhillers.
  • One bike for all ocasions. Now even the burliest "downhill bikes" can be ridden up climbs. They can still run chain guides or rock/ bash guards on the cranks and still have all the gear combos that an 8 or 9 spd bike with triple front rings would have. This is a very liberating factor for a freerider such as myself that often climbs before a full-on descent.
  • Rohloff hubs are available for conventional rim brakes or are available for Avid, Shimano, Hayes and Hope disc brakes. For disc brake applications, a rotor is even supplied (please specify what brake and size of rotor you will use)!
  • Tuneability. Rohloff offers several diferrent rear chain rings. This, combined with the users ability to select a size for the front chain ring, allows the user to easily fine-tune the gear ratios to best suit their riding style.
A few pictures of the Rohloff specially equipped on downhill and freeride bikes:

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european hand made mountain bike spacer
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